donderdag 1 mei 2008

The road to Body Navigation

Flat Corner : further development toward St.Petersburg

We were discussing about minimal conceptual, practical and technical details we will need to organize the work in St. Petersburg.
We were wondering about different topics and dramaturgical set up…..

We concluded that it will not be possible to set up a real show, so we will prepare enough material for a 10 minute long performance.
The setting will be as follows: There will be two performers in front of a projector and the projections will show prerecorded, animated and edited material of digital faces projected on the faces of the performers. This will be accompanied by a soundtrack.

Because of the short preparation period we will conceptually focus on
what are the basic interests of Flat Corner related to what is Body Navigation festival topics

Flat Corner Topics:
-Multiple subjectivity
-Fragile identities

Body Navigation Topics:
-Body perception through technology

During this week, we wondered about working with the atmosphere of the flat ( If we are going to have a flat in Russia) or gender or age, but because of the short period we after that decided to continue working on what is our primal statements.
(For example : gender will need a very complicate work concerning animation for Filip and dramaturgy for us etc. etc…)

We thought to concentrate our individual work ( during the next months) on building different elements that will enable us to work as better as possible.
This elements are for now : age transition , gender transition, beauty-uglyness transition ,emotional transition
The step after will be to relate these conceptual elements to our “own” discipline, and to dividing the work in different tasks :
concerning Filip : animation about the transitions
Arnold : sound composition
Ambra and Lotta : we will have to film ourselves

Timeline : The first steps will have to be the films of Ambra and Lotta, then they will be discussed on the blog after be uploaded on youtube (linked to the blog). After that, we have to make a final selection of fragments (elements), and compose them in a timespan of 10 minutes.
If this is done, Filip can get the high quality versions of the fragments, so he can animate some parts and also decide what kind of animation (which will be discussed).
In the mean time, Arnold can work on the sound. For now the idea is to only use samples of bodysounds as a startingpoint, and use the composition as a guide.
In the end, we all will have a collection of material parts which we can use in St. Petersburg for extemporaneous composition.

The above does not mean that we are not free to deal in St Petersburg with the main things we already experimented: male-beard digital face on female face----shifting of faces….etc etc….but that we are more looking forward to a fragmented representation then a whole show.

zaterdag 26 april 2008

Things to do during 4th workshop


-Apply for funding with StepBeyond
-Overall budget
-Agendas for july, september
-Getting Ludzia to send us an official letter of invitation
-More interesting festivals etc.

Experiments with sound:
-Recording interesting body sounds
-Recording voice/dialog for headphones
-Motion tracking: link body movement in space to timestretched/granular sound

Experiments with projection (SHOULD BE A SMALLER LIST):
-Filming of a full body and projection on a full body
-Projection on face profile
-Projection with feedback and delay effects.
-Live filming and projecting with a delay.
-Projection of clay animations (frame by frame projection on a sculpture in clay which gets manipulated in a stop-motion way) on a face.
-Motion tracking with the camera in front.
-Motion tracking a persons movements in a bed (nice context..)
-Color motion tracking.
-Recording a person who is smoking.
-Projecting on a person who is smoking (on the smoke).
-Projecting on a face with see though face mask (wet surface).
-Filming the profile of a face/body and projecting on the profile of a face/body.
-Projecting on see through screen (to shift between two dimensional projection and three dimensional projection).
-Projection an old face on a young person and vice versa.
-Collecting and digitizing youth pictures of a person and projecting them on the `now´ person

-Working out ideas for changing the context for each person or small groups of the audience by means of sound
-Try to get this 'affection interface' working
-Creating a dramaturgical line for a performance